About Us

Our Vision

To provide the residents of Ward 7 in Cleveland, Ohio, which has excellent education, job and business opportunities. with resources that promote a safe, culturally rich, diverse, leading edge community.

Our Story

While complaining to Councilman Basheer Jones about the lack of continuity for information about and flowing through-out the community, the councilman asked “What are you willing to do about it?” That was the beginning, and how this website and print media version of information was created.

Meet the Team

The Ward7 Observer is a community based news monthly published  by The Calhoun Corporation LLC. Dedicated to providing information and resources to uplift and enhance the Ward 7 community. Copyright 2019

Ron Calhoun



Carla Calhoun

Marketing/Writer/Retired LSW


Trish Johnson


Mansfield Frazier

Writer/Radio Personality/Entrepreneur

Meryl Johnson

Retired Educator/State BOE/Writer

Margret Adams

Retired RN/Writer

Kia Grayson

Community Liaison/ St Clair-Superior CDC

Kevin May


Kathryn Speigner

CMSD Teacher BS/Writer



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